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Robin (2012)


Někde uvnitř mýho ženskýho těla dřímá Robin. Vím to, protože cejtim, z čeho se raduje a z čeho bejvá smutnej. A některý věci mu vyloženě vadí. S každým dnem přichází situace, který mu jdou proti srsti, nezbejvá, než zatnout zuby a jít dál.

Série 11 fotografií, fix na fotografii




Somewhere deep inside my female body, Robin is breathing. I know he is there because I can tell when he is happy and when he is sad. Every day there are situations that go against the grain. So he clenches his teeth and struggles on.

series of 11 photographs, fix on photography

A sweet doll for a sweet girl. After hesitating for a moment I figured out what to do with her. So I cut her hair and then threw her away.

Mustn’t forget to pack my tweezers. All my facial hair has to go so that my friends at the cottage won‘t think that I am a butch dyke!

She was at the skating rink, too. With her boyfriend. And me with these white skates on.

Another check-up with this horrible instrument. If only the nurse wasn’t so beautiful.

Which one to choose? It’s all laces and push-ups! How about a push-down model?

Rather than shaving my legs, I prefer not to wear shorts.

An old endocrinologist said to me: “First, my dear, let’s take care of your reproductive system. It is your best asset“. And so for ten years now I have been taking these pills so that my body will be in perfect working order.

Just like every Friday, my mom stands on the balcony and watches „her pretty daughter“ during her dancing lessons. How come you haven’t found yourself a dancing partner?

I like tampons after all. Better than pads, at least I can forget about my period.

Girls from class are looking at me. At my breasts. They slipped out of my bikini top. No more diving!

Czech language is amazing, however, somewhat cruel for me. In every second sentence I have to express my gender. So the trick is to make myself the object, not the subject, of the sentence, even if it sounds a bit awkward.

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